About us

CMSPI is a team of expert analysts and consultants who advise merchants on how to optimize and reduce their payments arrangements.

The payment industry continues to experience significant change as payment methods become ever more innovative. With our 25+ years’ of experience, and industry experts, we can help you navigate these changes in complex international markets. We optimize the cost of accepting payment from customers for goods and services, including transactions on cards, in cash, by check, by phone and online.

As the needs of the merchant community change in response to the rapidly evolving payments market, CMSPI is right there to meet those needs. As well as our core services, we also offer custom-tailored projects to suit your unique business requirements.

Our clients
We've worked with some of the largest companies in the world
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On average we save our clients over 35% on their payments budgets
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Our business offers a rare proposition: tangible results and value-realized commercial arrangements. This means that we can measure, to the cent, the benefit we deliver for you, our clients.

I founded CMSPI in 1991. It was clear to me there was a gap in the market for a merchant champion, an organization that would work for merchants and help them optimize their payment arrangements while also fighting against unfair competition and regulation on their behalf.

Brendan Doyle | CEO
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